About menew

We are a company founded by ex Microsoft employees, who believe in empowering restaurants by giving them access to technology that is simple yet effectively smart, and so they can regain control and easily manage their business without having to expend on expensive multiple channels of software. What menew offers is intelligent, cost-effective and effortless. Say hello to your restaurant’s new best friend!

How menew Started

We began our journey back in 2018 with the determination to make something that will completely revolutionize the food and beverage industry in India. We began by digitizing the menu ordering system in dine-in restaurants, and as we started to understand the needs of the market, we conceptualized innovative ideas and plans for the company. Today, with Menew Digital Ordering POS and Menew Online Restaurant, we look back and realise how far we have come from where we had first begun and it makes us immensely proud that we have been able to reach out to so many businesses and helped them blossom into successful restauranteurs. Menew is a place for inclusion, for innovation, and we cannot wait to see all the great achievements that lie ahead of us.

menew Vision

Technology can make life happier for everyone

  • It can help businesses give their customers PERSONALIZED experience
  • It can increase their PROFITS
  • It can automate processes & AVOID CHAOS

We intend to partner with restaurants across the world to increase revenue, profit and customer loyalty, through digital technologies and outstanding support

Meet the menew family!

We are a bunch of dedicated individuals who aim at delivering to you technology that will make your restaurant business run ever so smoothly. We work day and night to make sure that our customers are happy, because that is, after all, our ultimate goal- to spread happiness, one meal at a time.

Amit Sircar


Nitin Sharma

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sachin Agarwal

Chief Technology Officer

Jyothi Bohra


Anil Valluru

Chief Operations officer

Sagarika Maudshetty

Product Manager

Manideep Vuttur

Customer Success Manager

Ajay Kumar

Senior Support Lead

Nithin Kalyan

Account Manager

Poornima Vegappareddigari

Onboarding Team Lead

Monika B

Onboarding Professional

Manjeet Singh

Development Lead

Ganesh Chavan

Quality Analyst

Onkar Vibhute

Cloud Technical Support Engineer

Jayant Kelkar

Chief Sales Officer

Ranjith Karumanchi

Business Sales Executive

Raju Kakumanu