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Smart Tab

Consumer Ordering App
  • AI powered up-selling and cross selling.
  • Personalised promotions and offers.
  • Error free ordering.
POS restaurants
Smart AI solutions
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Smart Tab Key Benefits

Full Dining Journey On The Table
Ordering > Promotions > Billing & Payments > Feedback > Loyalty Points
Unique Subscription Model
For lower upfront investment and over 1 OX ROI from Day 1
Multi-Lingual Capability
Consisent service quality for better customer service experience
‘Plug-N-Play’ Integration
With your existing Point-Of-Sale system for direct-to-kitchen ordering
Smart Data-Driven Cross-Selling & Upselling
To drive impulse purchases, add-on sales to improve average check
Pay Directly At The Table
Enhanced payment experiece for faster table turn and lower staff costs
Time-Based Menu
For set-menus to happy hours to special events and promotions
Detailed Customer Menu Behaviour Analytics
For better menu performance to drive higher sales

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